To Tech or Not to Tech?

We’ve all felt the push from admin and state execs to include technology into the classroom. Add more. No wait…studies show it’s bad for kids. But wait…it’s good for education. Stop. Go. Stop. Go. Dizzy yet?

As educators make their way through an unimaginable year that brought changes no one could have ever foreseen, we are slowly starting to hit the go button a little more frequently. But are we doing it right? Is using more technology in the classroom what’s best for kids, considering they definitely max out on screen time at home?

What if we use it in a way that creates learning environments that students WANT to learn from and are then able to make meaningful connects? Imagine a student creating a digital version of their hand drawn book and being able to tell a story to someone thousands of miles away. Creating portfolios that capture all of their learning milestones a memories that are easily accessible with a quick click.

The stop and go will always be a part of our job. Growing confident in knowing when to go is where the change is.

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