Learner of all the things…..from all the people

Is there really any point in trying to learn all by yourself? Yeah there’s always someone doing the teaching, but is that all we need? Moving through EDLD 5303 and 5305 would be 100% impossible without the people constantly offering their expertise and thoughts. Consistent feedback and questioning is what I need as a learner.

Something as simple as creating a blog. Had no idea where to start, how to start, or if I was even capable of doing so. The level of capability has increased as the weeks have ticked by but the where and how didn’t come from my own doings. At times I feel like we just need confirmation that what we are actually thinking is in fact what we are actually thinking! Sometimes our conversations are deep enough that I get lost in the aftermath of research reading and don’t resurface for hours. Sometimes are conversations are as simple as the image above!

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